We sometimes think that the whole life concentrates in the place where we live. I used to think like that too. Traveling a lot, I have realized that first of all, to my surprise, life exists in other places too. In other countries there are also big and tiny houses, traffic, restaurants where people meet to have dinner or lunch, or cafe where you can always drink coffee and just talk, there are also offices where people rush not to be late…No matter if you are in complicated Poland, elegant France, beautiful Italy, dynamic Spain not to mention surprising, full of fabulous skyscrapers Singapore, exotic Kuala Lumpur,  colorful South Africa or diverse USA…The life is everywhere….People are busy with their own problems, everyday routines….The next important fact that I considered, concerns the way we live. Sometimes we think that in different places, in different circumstances we would live in a different way… To some extent I can agree. If we are less busy we can find time for some activities, to which we can not mobilize leading rather hectic life…BUT…If somebody tends to be passive, he will not be more energetic, more motivated , more creative even being completely free…I remember when together with our 2 children and with my husband we lived in a tiny flat something about 38m2 , with two rooms and a kitchen without a window…It seems a small space for four people….Can  you imagine that I found there a place, motivation and time to paint quite big, oil paintings? …Sometimes now, having space for any activity it is much more difficult  for me to be that active. And I would not blame my age…Although we should take it into consideration too. But, come on, I would not like to blame my age…50+ is not the end of the world! Still… It is so much easier  just to read and only plan all the possible activities that we can imagine…And to complain… Don’t you think it is the easiest thing to do? Just to complain…We can blame our situation, parents, luck of possibilities… But finally, I realized that it is not a place or circumstances that shape our life BUT we and neither another place nor different situation can change our nature. IT IS US who are responsible for the way we live…If we tend to complain we will do that running a restaurant in my dream, sunny Italy , being a tourist guide or working as a taxi driver in hot Kuala Lumpur  or being a waiter in stylish  France…I will never forget smiling people in India, who so eagerly posed to a photo and were so friendly no matter how poor they were..It is said that traveling stands for the best way of education. Sometimes we have to see a lot, visit places in remote nooks of the world to meet different people to realize that IT IS US  and our personality that  are responsible for our luck of pleassure, joy or satisfaction…Tha fact is … not everyone can afford to travel, but we can follow other people’s experience and understand that in case we are not satisfied, we should change our attitude towards ourselves and our expectations from life…And we should  always remember….There are happy poor people and unhappy rich ones in big, sophisticated houses and expensive cars…

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