Rules breaking – Łamanie barier…

Mr Special Head Nowadays people want so desperately to show that they exist, have talents and are unique. Watching programs showing talented people who can for example sing, one can ask – How come they are not famous? A few lessons with specialists, experience and … they should become popular. They are often not worse

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Forever… Na zawsze…

Old Brewery Shopping  Center…One of the most spectacular places of this kind…Late summer, lazy morning. Me and Lili…Steaming hot coffee on a simple garden style table…Another time , another chat…Some years ago, I used to believe that the real friendship can happen only when we are young, open, without the whole baggage of experience and

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Survival … Aby ocaleć…

Bali My beloved friend has decided to go to Bali…alone…to cure her soul, to find energy to live…to understand…Alone…on Bali she will probably find a good yoga school, get into new relationships…We usually do not want to be alone…we escape from one reality into another, we meet new people, learn new habits and customs…coming back

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